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3-1 Discussion Assignment: Theme, Setting, and Tone (Essay Sample)


You will use the following readings as a basis for your discussion this week. As you read, consider the techniques used to portray the tone, setting, and theme. Consider the similarities and differences between the portrayal of these literary elements through these different forms of literature (essay, short stories, poems).
Reflect on the stories and poems you read this week, thinking about the theme, setting, and tone
Discuss the central theme of one or more pieces. Do you think the themes were all different, or did you detect a common theme throughout?
How did the setting impact your interpretation of one of the stories or poems, if at all? Discuss that impact or lack thereof. (Tip: focus on the short stories for the purpose of discussing setting as they will be easier than poetry.)
Then, briefly discuss the tone of one of the pieces. What adjective would you use to describe the tone? Identify a specific example that demonstrates your description
Here the List of Poems and Stories
The Cask of Amontillado” by Poe http://poestories(dot)com/text.php?file=amontillado
The Things They Carried” by O'Brien http://pages(dot)uoregon(dot)edu/eherman/teaching/texts/OBrien_TheThingsTheyCarried.pdf
Death, Be Not Proud” by Donne https://www(dot)poemhunter(dot)com/poem/death-be-not-proud/
Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Frost https://www(dot)poets(dot)org/poetsorg/poem/nothing-gold-can-stay

Analysis of the Poem Death be Not Proud by John Donne
The central theme in this poem is the powerlessness of death. According to the speaker, death is just a pathway to eternal life and not such a dreadful or mighty thing as is commonly believed. According to the poem, death conceives itself to be a forbidding entity with enough power to overthrow and destroy. The speaker insists that death has actually no basis to brag or be proud, and it is not a frightening force it considers itself to be.
The author makes fun of death’s exaggerated sense of itself and tells it that it is a slave to chance, fate, desperate men, and kings. He says although death is capable of bringing to rest, this is still not...
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