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2012 presidential Election (Essay Sample)

Title 2012 Presidentaial Election Introduction the eassy must have 5 part The Introduction has to include *attention grabber; data, stats, rhetorical question * 2 – 6 sentences give a definition of topics establishing context * 1 sentences refutation (pro or con) * 2 sentences thesis statement The thesis statements have to have two parts. 1 assertion: claim, statement and position 2 topics: controls, numerical signals and three topics Series , tense have to be the same Syllabication and words Body Sentences one Topic t statement = assertion plus topic Syntax, thesaurus and sentence types Sentences two Rewrite topic sentence (subtopics 1) Sentences three Give Example # 1 Sentences four Explain the example # 1 Sentences 5 to 9 Repeat the idea in different word sentence two, three and four Give the second example Explain the example #2 Sentence 10 Transition sentence Conclusion have to have 5-8 sentences The conclusions have to have 8 sentences Thesis statement Topic sentence No example No introductory state Subject verb argument Note Do not use religion fact or reasoning source..
Elections 2012
Dollar after dollar, debate after debate, policy after policy, but that is not what defined the election. There have been theories on why Obama won the 2012 presidential elections, a number of which carry some degree of truth. The ultimate factor that defined the 2012 election is largely overlooked. Consider the data of the major blocks of those who voted for President Obama - the Hispanics, the African Americans the Asian Americans who formed 28% of total voters, the young voters and women. What is the key thread that tied those in these demographics? The driving force among these Obama`s key group is the one that the Democrats capitalize on and secured them the victory. The ultimate element that made the difference and won Obama a second term is empathy. They were in touch with these groups of people and made them feel relevant - from one, their (The Democrats) actions, sense of understanding of these key groups, two, their sensitivity to and awareness of the feelings and experiences of these people, and three, expressing those feeling, experiences and thoughts through the commoners` eyes.
Firstly, the argument that the election turned on empathy is further reinforced by the synergies that wrapped together Obama`s campaign - a sense of understanding and actions. This is evident in the key words that formed his speeches which are - young, teenage mom, the poor, the African American, the gay, the disabled, this degree of understanding connected him more with these groups of people.
Secondly, compared to his rival in the race Gov. Romney, Obama was more sensitive and aware of the feelings and experiences of the people. Romney made some remarks that bolstered the perception of Republican have a leaning towards the wealthy, and ...
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