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Wrong Expert (Essay Sample)


As technology advances in society, the human element of analysis still remains the key factor in the conclusion of present or latent evidence. If an expert evaluated evidence and was proven to be wrong, should they be allowed to testify in future trials? How should courts handle the credibility of experts that do not have a record of credible testimony? In addition, how should individual labs deal with the same circumstances, and what are the implications if the expert is allowed to stay with the lab? In a 1 page paper answer the above questions and explain your reasoning for your answers.
All written assignments in your criminal justice classes require the application of the American Psychological Association (APA) rules of style.


Wrong Expert
Wrong Expert
Nearly every case that involves scientific or technical issues calls for an expert witness and expert testimony. Over the years, the question of whether an expert who evaluated and evidence and was found to be wrong should be allowed to testify in future trials has dominated the criminal justice system for a long time. The issue of whether the same individual should be allowed to stay in the lab and the implications that this would bring has also been a major area of study.
Unlike the general cases that are determined “by the weight of the jury” cases that involve scientific evidence must be determined at the weight of the scientific evidence. Following this reasoning, anyone would think that any expert whose opinion has been found to be wrong should not be allowed to testi...
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