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Work Environment of Amazon Life Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Topic is Amazon's work environment.
Just write the positive and negative impact of Amazon's work environment. Others are unnecessary.
You can find any sources online regarding this topic.
And attached is the textbooks for this course. You can cite if you want.


Work Environment of Amazon
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Work Environment of Amazon
Positive Impact
The fact that the culture of Amazon should be good is quite universal for referring to any corporate industry. Amazon is a brand name that comes with many perks considering that the company has a strategy for competitiveness, success, innovation, and uniqueness. The organization strives for ultimate innovation and creativity, pushing its employees to work beyond the baseline (Choi et al., 2016). The demands of the company from its workers are also to be productive in any case. Consequently, the work environment of Amazon is investing in its employees to add ultimate perfection to their work. The overall position of Amazon entirely depends on the productivity of its employee. The above aspects are the most positive considerations of the work environment that Amazon possesses. Considering the employees having experience working at Amazon, they also agree to these facts. Inside spheres, the temperature is kept lower, and the humidity level is about 60 percent which makes the overall environment comfortable for the workers (Schlosser, 2018). Moreover, the workers are allowed to have drink and food available inside the building

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