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Why The World Is Losing Important Natural Resources (Essay Sample)


1. Choose ONE of the following topics and write a three to six paragraph essay.
2. You have 70 minutes. You may use an English-English dictionary.
3. Remember that a good essay is well organized. It contains an introduction with a clear and concise thesis statement, details and examples, transitional words and phrases, and a conclusion.
1. 1. Many parts of the world are losing important natural resources such as forests, animals, or clean water. Choose one resource that is disappearing and explain what you think the reasons are that have caused the depletion of these resources. What are the potential effects of losing these resources? Choose causes or effects and explain clearly.
This essay for american language program writing level 3 class


Why The World Is Losing Important Natural Resources
Why The World Is Losing Important Natural Resources
May parts of the world are losing valuable natural resources such as forest, animals and clean water. The destruction of natural water reserves is on the increase due to industrialization and globalization. Industrialization and globalization of economy in the 21st century have resulted to countries striving to become superpowers. Most countries are destroying their natural water reserves at the expense of development. Big industries emits waste materials that flow to the sea and polluting the environment. Many animal species lives depend on the water, most of them are dying because of harmful wastes being emitted affecting the environment. In many countries, there are no proper guidelines and laws that prohibit dumping of industrial waste into the sea. Most companies do not care much about the future and the ecosystem.
Dumping of waste material affects the marine animals like fish that causes serious health conditions, hence affecting the whole food chain. Water is among the many natural resources that keep on diminishing each day. Without clean water, every living will end up dying. Since all living organisms depend on water to survive, if they consume contaminated water, it will affect their health. Contaminated water can be harmful, causing various diseases and even death. This shows how water plays an essential role in human life.
As humans, we cannot do without water because it helps us maintain good health. The human body requires a certain amount of clean water every day. Animals and plants also depend on water. Water serves as food, for plants obtain important nutrients from the soil when the soil absorbs water. The supply of unclean water will cause many health problems affecting not only humans, but also the entire ecosystem. Human being and the entire ecological system rely on water to survive. Humans or animal cannot survive for long without water, making it an essential commodity.
The impact of globalization has resulted to increased population, more so in developing countries that creates the demand for usage of natural resources; hence, the government finds it difficult to provide all the basic resources like water. Environmental expert predicts that in the coming years if we do not take care of our water reserves there will be a huge water crisis in the world. Experts also admit that in the industrialized world, natural resources are overused and are not well preserved. Since every living organism depends on water to survive it is imperative to adopt a sustainable solution that will focus on water conservation to avoid facing water crisis.
Failing to conserve ...
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