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Week 3 Discussion. Weather Information. Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Where do you go to get quality weather information such as weather forecasts, and why do look for weather information? How do you know the information you are reading is accurate? Are some weather forecast providers more preferred? Lastly, after you've had a chance to view some of the lecture material, would you consider yourself "weatherwise?" Why or why not?
My goal with this week's discussion is to get a sense of where you go to get weather information, and to help evaluate how reliable it is in light of what you're learning this week. As well, I'd like to ensure that after this class is over, you know where you get quality weather information that can be used for your career, personal lives, and other aspects of daily life.


Weather Information
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Weather Information
Weather information is essential since it provides a forecast for future patterns in weather or climate. Therefore, getting proper weather information ensures that correct predictions can be made to help adequate planning over a set period. Weather information thus has to be accurate and from a reputable source for it to be trusted enough to make predictions on weather patterns.

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