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Life beyond Earth (Essay Sample)

NATS 1880 6.0 Life Beyond Earth Winter 2012 York University 1 Term Project Introduction Read through all the instructions for the assignment before starting. In addition a 250 word ‘article' on an exoplanet in the ursa Major constellation Article write-up A 250 word (+/- 25 words) is required to be submitted with this project. The exoplanet you choose for this article must be located within ursa major constellation. The article must be written in a style that could be published as a news item in a newspaper such as The Excalibur, The Lexicon, etc. Obviously the article must be brief, concise and accurate. Marks will be awarded for clarity, accuracy (science and English spelling), readability (including good grammatical construction) and length. 12 point font please. All references used to research your article must be cited. Dear writer, i couldn't find the field of astrology in your list but I really need the paper in astrological terms.And also please as the instruction don't forget to select just one exoplanet from the ursa major constellation.Thanks source..

Life beyond Earth
Course Title:
47 UMa b Could Indirectly Support Life
Hundreds of planets continue to be discovered orbiting other stars rather than the Sun and astronomers are increasingly making unprecedented observations about their structures and the kind of atmospheres they have. These efforts are invaluable for our appreciation of other habitable planets beyond our own planet Earth and the galaxy (Sasselov, 2008). One notable example of the exoplanet is the 47 UMa b which lies within the Ursa Major constellation (Brunier, 2000). Discovered by Geoffrey Marcy and Paul Butler in 1996, the planet was the first ever long-period exoplanet to be discovered.
Although the planet lies outside the habitable zone of 47 UMa, it is likely that it can indirectly support life. In itself, it is not habitable owing to its nature of gas...
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