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Synthesis essay. Nonlinear Policymaking Process. Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


**Use good college level English and grammar please. Avoid any spellings or grammar mistake and avoid plagiarism please.
**I have provided a word document that contains all the instructions you need to write this essay and it also has the 4 readings (links) provided at the end of the document along with page numbers you need for each link in order to write this synthesis.
**Please follow instructions word to word exactly as asked in the document and if there is any doubt please ask me beforehand.


Synthesis Essay
Synthesis Essay
The issue of policies relating to environmental protection and conservation is one that has gained the attention of many people from various parts of the world. Generally, the policy-making process is quite a complex one and in most cases, these policies in many developing countries tend to ignore their impact on society and the economy. “Understanding Environmental Policy Processes” by Keeley and Scoones, “Understanding the Policy Processes” by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), “Integrated Policymaking for Sustainable Development” by UNEP and, “An Introduction to the African Convention on the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources” by IUCN are some of the articles that are interested in the environmental policies.

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