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Studying Change Physical Anthropology & Archeology Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


1) Define evolution using the course materials.
2) Define physical anthropology. Discuss some of the general ways physical anthropologists investigate evolution.
3) Using the APUS Library, find at least one appropriate outside source that identifies one specific research project in which physical anthropologists are studying evolution (e.g. the Human Genome Project). Describe the research project and its significance in our understanding of evolution. Conduct original research, do not use the genome project because that example is given in class.
4) Choose and define a second subfield of anthropology (cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, or archaeology).
5) Discuss some of the general ways an anthropologist in this second subfield investigates evolution.
*Remember, evolution can apply to both physical and societal changes, so things like language and customs can evolve just as much as bodies and brains can.
6) Using the APUS Library, find at least one appropriate outside source that identifies one specific research project in which anthropologists in this second subfield are studying evolution. Describe the research project and its significance in our understanding of evolution. For example, an archaeologist may look at how tools have changed through time, and what has caused that change (conduct your own original research, do not use this example).
8) Discuss how the study of evolution between physical anthropology and your chosen subfield compares and contrasts.
9) Conclude by discussing and reflecting on one new piece of information you learned about evolution.


Studying Change
Physical Anthropology & Archeology
1) Define evolution (a reference to course materials)
It is the process by which living things have gradually developed to their current complex forms from earlier primitive forms. It is also the progression of other facets of human life such as culture showing the increase in the complexity of human civilization.
2) a) Define physical anthropology.
According to CITATION Rob131 \l 1033 (Jurmain, Kilgore, Trevathan, & Ciochon, 2013), physical anthropology which is also known as biological anthropology details the scientific study of the ‘biological and behavioral aspects of human beings. Their related non-human primates and their extinct hominin ancestors.’
B) Some of the ways physical anthropologists investigate the evolution
- By studying human genetics through DNA
- By studying the physical characteristics of human anatomy and physiology and comparing it to other primates
3. A research project in which Physical Anthropologists are studying evolution
- The human body size variation and evolution project

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