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Save Species: Amur, Manchurian, And Siberian Leopard (Essay Sample)


To write a strong proposal, address the following questions.

  • What species? Is your species on an endangered-species list? Is your species valuable for medical research? Is your species invasive & threatening native ecosystems or crops? Is your species causing a dangerous disease? Did you choose a single species (e.g. Malaria is distributed by more than one species of mosquito)?
  • Why? What are the benefits of saving/eradicating this species? Why is this species important? What would happen in the best case if these species were saved/eliminated?
  • Why not? What are the environmental risks of saving/eliminating this species? What could happen in the worst case if this species was not saved/eliminated?
  • How? How feasible is it to save/eliminate this species? What actions are you proposing to save/eliminate this species and how safe are these actions?
  • Can you find any scientific study or data that help you make your argument?


Save Species
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Amur Leopard
Amur Leopard also is known as the Manchurian Leopard, Siberian Leopard or the Far-Eastern Leopard. The Russian Federation has categorized the Amur Leopard as one of the endangered subspecies of the leopard. This kind of the leopard species used to live in the south of Far East Russia, the Korean Peninsula, and in the most parts of the forests in the northeastern parts of China (Christie 2009). Currently, the average number of the Amur Leopard species left is estimated to be at ordinary thirty individuals, this makes it be at the age of being an extinct species among the leopard's family.
The current statistics show an estimation of ten individuals of the Amur Leopards found in the Ussuri River Valley situated in the China border while the remaining twenty members are estimated to be located along the China-Russia border in the Amur River Valley(Christie 2009). The Sikhote-Alin in Russia and Hunchun Nature Reserve in China is the only remaining habitats for the Amur Leopard species. The limited population and the habitats for the Amur Leopard species resulted from the relocation of the Russian Federation making them highly exposed to the natural and the human-made disasters. Therefore, the remaining individuals are critically regarded as the endangered species due to the low population.
On the other hand, the Amur Leopard species are profoundly affected by the ecosystem. The species is swiftly losing their habitats and the possible prey (Jiang et al. 2015). The Leopards have extensive exposure to the animals such as goats and sheep that they use as their prey; some other wild animals are also possible prey hence they cause a threat to the ecosystem by feeding on other animals thus causing the reduction in the number of the wild animals. In the far east of Russia, the Amur Leopard's population found in this region. However, the farmers in far East Russia known for eager to captivate deer for the human consumption purposes, and production of the antlers for the Asian medicine marketing(Jiang et al. 2015). The deer are the preferred prey for the Amur Leopards. Due to the reduced number of the antlers and the deer captured and kept by the farmers, the endangered leopard species opt to look for their prey in the farmer's farm, therefore, exposing their lives in danger in case the farmers are looking after their deer. This is another reason that profoundly proves the Amur Leopard to being the extinct species of the leopard species.
Every living organism has a vital role to play in the society, therefore saving of the Amur Leopard species is of benefits to the surrounding community w

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