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Cocoa And Chocolate Are Not Only The Exotic Foodstuffs


A brief paper is required consisting of a total 2475 words on any topic of your choosing related to one of more of the lectures. This paper is expected to be a literature review with proper citations.
I have decided the topic of the paper will be on chocolate, it can be from all kinds of it, where it comes from, how it was discover, how its used, ship, cost, different kinds, history of it, how's it's cooked and so on. It does have to flow from page to page and a strong thesis and conclusion needs to be address. Any questions please let me know.




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Cocoa and chocolate are not only the exotic foodstuffs that make individuals upbeat; they have a rich history. Cocoa and chocolate were initially expended for therapeutic purposes. It was just later that they wound up plainly famous as foodstuffs because of their enchanting taste. There are couple of foodstuffs which have such a rich and fascinating history as cocoa and chocolate. Much the same as espresso, we acquired the cocoa bean from the baffling pre-Columbian societies in Latin America CITATION McN062 \l 1033 (McNeil, 2006). At the point when Cortés initially transported in cocoa to Europe, and when he figured out how to make a chocolate drink with it, it created very some excitement: heavenly to a few; sinful to others. Indeed, even today, cocoa chocolate still ooze an emanation of secret, extravagance and delight.

Origin of Chocolate

Chocolate is produced using the cacao beans cases which originate from the obroma cacao trees. These trees are native to South America and they were initially developed within broad plantations which were located next to the shores of the Pacific and the Gulf-which are located in a focal point in America CITATION McN062 \l 1033 (McNeil, 2006). More specifically, the trees were abundant in the areas such as Xoconuso and the Sarstoon valleys. It is in these areas that conducive atmosphere (warm and mois...

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