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Psychology Science: Retrospective Analysis of Personality (Essay Sample)

Reflect on your life history and discuss which aspects of your personality have changed over time and which aspects have stayed consistent.
Based on your retrospective analysis, describe the roles of nature and nurture in shaping your personality. Reflect on your justification for distinguishing between nature and nurture. 
Discuss the possible sources of bias and inaccuracy whenever a person looks back on their past history. Be sure to discuss factors related to memory and factors related to cognition. 
Describe why the science of psychology places more emphasis on results based on scientific studies than it does on personal experience and anecdotes.

Retrospective analysis of Personality
Retrospective analysis of Personality
Personality refers to the real difference between individual regarding their reasoning, thinking and display of behavior. There is an important element of character that changes over time given the environmental setting and other related factors. For instance, a person easily reshapes their nature given their environment. A good example is a case that a student who hails from a strict family background exhibits such behavior within various environments (Neyer, 2006). However, the same person may show another personality if they are exposed to a free environment that accommodates for different types of behavior and line of thinking.
In my opinion, several personality changes have evolved over time given the different interaction platforms and level of interaction. Importantly, exposure to different environments has contributed in large part to personality change over the course of time. For instance, I have never been the interactive person when it comes to the social sphere. Such a statement implies that over the course of time, my personality has changed from a person who would not want any social engagement, to a person who is socially responsible (O'Hagan, 2003). Evidence to develop such a line of reasoning develops in the case that I never used to be close to women. On the same note, I would never talk about my family openly or in the p[public. I my opinion, I felt that talking about my family openly would expose certain elements if my personality that I would not show to my group of friends.
The case to argue about my decision to keep my family matters away from the public developed from that fact that my family has faced financial constraints over time. I felt the need to keep my family issues away from people. As such, my friends would call me the introvert person. However, such aspects of my p...
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