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HFS 388: Human Sexuality. Gender Inequality and the Prejudices Against Sexuality (Essay Sample)


The paper is an opportunity for you to explore a topic – any topic – in the area of sexuality that is of personal interest to you. For this paper, you will clearly articulate your values, attitudes and beliefs about the topic. You may use examples of personal experience that have shaped this opinion. This assignment should be a thoughtful blend of opinion, critical thinking, and evidence from your research. You must present specific and detailed research evidence supporting your position. Give complete citations of ALL resources used in your paper. Citations should include author and page. The paper must be: Typed and double spaced, 12 point font, a minimum of 6 pages HARD COPY ONLY. (Learning objectives 1,3,4,5)
Essay Outline:
What subject did you choose? Describe why you chose this particular subject. What are your beliefs about this subject? What experiences have shaped this opinion?
Using at least 6 sources, explore the current views on this subject and compare and contrast the opposing viewpoints on the topic. Use 3 sources from each side of the opinion/controversy you choose. What are the conclusions you have drawn from your review? Include citations for all information and concepts that are not your own, and include a bibliography.
Final summary of the paper. Have your views changed or have they remained the same? Do you feel you understand the subject better?
BIBLIOGRAPHY PAGE – NOT counted as one of the 6 required pages.


Gender Inequality and the Prejudices Against Sexuality
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Gender Inequality and the Prejudices Against Sexuality
Life changes challenge a person to adapt to his environment. These changes do not only pertain to physical evolvement, but these also involve changes in norms, culture, and bodily perception: these changes an individual’s personality and development, especially one’s sexuality. Sexuality is a variable entity that continues to evolve. A person may have a different perception of his or her sexuality in childhood because of biological characteristics.
Moreover, a person can change his or her perception by changing the gender after learning about society. People have different gender roles throughout history. Moreover, it is up to the individual to choose which role best suits his or her personality and how to handle the prejudices that come with his or her choices.
Sexuality has a broad and indefinite definition. The World Health Organization defines it as the principal feature of humanity that encompasses gender and gender roles, sex, sexual orientation, erotic behaviors, bodily desires, intimacy, and reproduction. It can be qualified by experiences and justified by the interaction among all the other aspects of humanity—biological, psychosocial, social-political, cultural, legal, religious, and historical influences. This differs from sex, which is biologically determined, and gender, which is socially-determined CITATION Wornd1 \l 1033 (World Health Organization, n.d.).

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