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The Cancer Menace (Essay Sample)

The topic I would like to pick is "PLANET EARTH". * I would like to project my interest in medical field. Possible research field being cancer research. * As you can see I have selected 2 pages, but the length I need is approx. 650 to 700 word long. Tell me how to go about this. Call me on the phone number provided. * Tell me what the meaning of "number of sources" is. source..

The cancer menace
The earth as we know it today is quite old, approximately 4.5 billion years. Humankind has evolved through most of his 7 million years of being in existence. Throughout his time, he has had quite an experience while interacting with the planet. Overtime there has been problems that have not been solved which still begs the questions; why did they happen, how did they come to be, how can they be resolved for good. One of these unresolved nightmares is cancer, which is a group of malignant cells that grow uncontrollably forming cancerous tumours. There are many kinds of cancer, which attack body organs all over the human body (American Cancer Society, 2012).
Today cancer is the second most deadly disease, claiming millions of people every year. The disease has not developed in the last century, but it has been around for a long time. Around 3000 BC, there are records that document the terror that it has continued to mint on its victims. In some archaeological findings, there have fossilised skeletons that have evidence of bone cancer (American Cancer Society, 2012). Although the disease was not given the name cancer, as we call it today, in some parts of Egypt there are texts documenting tumours and ulcers on the breasts of patients. These texts also confirmed that there was no cure for the strange disease, and most of the patients died during treatment. The name first developed in Greece, by a physician called Hippocrates around 400 BC (who named it carcinoma or carcinos) and later became known as cancer, with the help of Celsus, a Roman physician. It begs the question; why is it that a disease that is this old, continues to claim life in the present age at such an alarming rate (American Cancer Society, 2012).
It is crucial to look into the main causal agents, to understand the basics of cancer, and help demystify the deadly disease (Science-Based Medicine, 2012). During the fifteenth century, the sc...
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