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Popular Press vs Research. Love and romance. Staying Faithful (Essay Sample)


Popular Press Vs. Research – You will compare relationship advice that appears in a popular source (e.g. popular magazine) with actual research (in addition to material from the book and class you will need to use a minimum of 2-3 journal articles) on the same topic. Your job will be to determine the accuracy of the popular source and suggest ways more actual research findings could have been included or more accurately portrayed.


Popular Press vs Research
Due Date
Popular Press vs Research
The New York Times has published an article on ‘How to have a better Relationship.’ The author has explored some issues pertinent in every relationship and explicated the common pitfalls and how to avoid them. She has also suggested how to improve the relationship and build a long-lasting relationship. Using various research findings, she has also cemented some assertions she has made on issues like conflict, money, sex, fidelity among others. Throughout the article, she has demonstrated that problems are common in any relationship but they are solvable with the right attitude, tools and mutual understanding of each other’s weaknesses and strengths. The author has derived her arguments from various sources and brought them together to give relationship advice and how romantic partners or spouses ought to live with each other. She has also used research findings to support her arguments. She has tackled the subject in several sections detailing the indicators of problems and how to address them.

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