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physic (Essay Sample)

Question: Earth's equation radius is 6378 km. A spacecraft is in circular orbit 100 km above the equator. IF the spacecraft orbits every 86.5 minutes, what's its speed? Instruction: -Write up a solution to Problem 1 in detail (you will submit Problem 2 in the next activity). It is recommended that you follow the format of the six-step Structured Problem Solving Method. This method provides structure, and will help you clearly reflect your understanding of the problem and your solution. source..
Physic Name; Institution: It is crucial to note that the problem at hand requires a solution that provides the speed travelled by a spacecraft that is revolving around the earth. The earth has a radius of 6378 kilometers, yet the spacecraft is 100 km above the equator. The spacecraft takes 86.5 minutes to revolve orbit the earth. Thus, the upcoming paragraphs provide the speed of the spacecraft. The problem requires any scholar to understand that the distance travelled by the spacecraft is equal to the circumference of a circle. In this case, the circumference of the circle travelled by the aircraft is the radius of the earth plus the distance of the aircraft above the earth. This owes to the reality that the spacecraft revolves around the earth, which is the distance obtained from the circumference of the distance travelled. It is also important to note that the speed is found by dividing the distance by the time taken To find the circumference, there are two possible formulas to use; 2πr or Dπ where r is the radius, D the diameter, π and is pie (22/7). The radius of the circle revolved by the aircraft is obtained by adding 6378 to 100, which gives 6478 Kilometers. The diameter is given by multiplying 2 by 6478 (the radius), which gives 12956. The circumference is Dπ= 22/7*12956. Therefore, the circumference is 40718.86. The time taken in seconds is 86.5*60 because every minute is equal to sixty seconds. This leads to 5136 seconds. Finally, the spe...
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