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Photosynthesis (Essay Sample)

The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate that animals and plants depend upon each other for survival. To get started read chapter “Photosynthesis: Acquiring Energy from the Sun”. As you read chapter 6 start thinking about how plants consume carbon dioxide (an animal waste product) and release oxygen (a plant waste product). Begin researching what happens when plants are unable to provide sufficient amounts of oxygen to maintain animal life. To help you explore this topic begin researching why the biosphere experiment in the 1980s was prematurely stopped. Here are some suggestions for resources: -Library (Excelsior College Virtual Library, other libraries): key words: photosynthesis and respiration -Google Searches: ◦photosynthesis and respiration ◦Biosphere experiment In your exploration make a special point to note answers to the following questions: -How do plants acquire carbon dioxide and release oxygen? -For what purposes do plants acquire carbon dioxide? -Do you think that a plant could survive in an air tight box that had everything the plant needed except a source of oxygen? Write a one page, double spaced paper (500 + words) titled “Why There Would Be No People Without Plants.” Be sure to include the following in your paper: .Title -Introduction to the topic -Your views with supported resources -A conclusion Be sure to submit your project in one WORD document in APA format source..
Why There Would Be No People without Plants Name: Institution: Why There Would Be No People without Plants The sun is central to the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As the sun sheds its rays through the atmosphere and onto the surfaces of plants and other photosynthetic organisms such as specific bacterial strains (Cyanobacteria), the plants and these organisms in turn use this light as a source of energy. Scientifically, as they receive the light from the sun, they convert it into energy, which they use for their biological processes and give off an end product that is oxygen, during the day. Different photosynthetic organisms carry out the process in a unique manner, to fulfill their organism and ecosystem roles. As for the plants, to complete the process they have to take in the carbon dioxide from the air so that they can give off oxygen. The energy that plants make from the photosynthetic process is usually ...
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