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Organisms That Rapidly Kill You (Essay Sample)

I need a paper written on your opinions on these 3 discussions. Tell what you liked, didn't like, and what your views are about it. Please keep them separate. Write a paragraph or 2 about each one. They are in attachments. AT the top is the assignment given to us students. Then below is 3 different responses to that assignment. Please use the directions above to reply to each discussion individually. source..
ORGANISMS THAT RAPIDLY KILLS YOU Name Course Institution Date of Submission Organism that rapidly kill you Amoeba infections Human beings are exposed to life-threatening pathogens daily. They come into contact with these micro-organisms while going about their daily activities. Naegleria fowlerisis one of the pathogens that can kill rapidly if proper measures are not put in place to ensure that the water we use daily in our home are safe for drinking. The good thing is that the infection of N. fowlerisis rare under normal conditions and immune system can fight the intrusion of this amoeboid; also the treatment is effective if the infection is detected earlier. The unfortunate aspect of this amoeba is that infection develops rapidly and it`s very severe. The fact that the amoeba attacks the brain is not pleasing at all because there is possibility that it can cause brain damage thus affecting other vital organs in the central nervous system. It`s unfortunate that new infections are reported among the young children who were playing with tap water not knowing the about contamination. Water suppliers should ensure that water is treated properly before delivery to the households for domestic use. Public water supply system should be checked at designated check points to ensure that this amoeba does not find its way to the final water consumers. Lastly, piping system should be ...
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