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One Week in the Life (Essay Sample)

Subject: Psychology One Week in the Life 1) This assignment comprises two elements: (1) one of which may be a PowerPoint, iMovie/Premier, or Observation Log; and (2) a summary describing the details of the observation. 2) To frame the assignment context, consider the assignment goals: in absence of an infant, observe and interact with a selected age group; apply developmental concepts and knowledge of physical, cognitive, and socioemotional development, awareness of normative and non-normative events and how they affect development. 3) In absence of an infant, select a person from one of the designated age groups (if school-age children are included in photos, movies, etc. from an alternative setting, written permission must be obtained). Note: student should have consistent/repetitive access to participant. a) Using Powerpoint, iMovie/Premier, or Observation Log: i) Design and develop a presentation about one week in the life of the participant. Select a person from the following age groups: 13-21 years Areas of Concentration a) Selected individual: age, sex, culture/ethnicity, and education. i) Familial background antecedents: number of family members, siblings/age, parents/age, extended family members, socioeconomic status, ethnic/cultural affiliation, living arrangements, etc. ii) Physicality of selected individual: fine/gross motor skills, health, maturation, eating habits, exercise, physical attributes, growth and development. iii) Assessment: assess selected individual's development in the physical, cognitive, and socioemotional area. Compare participant to age-related samples in the textbook and/or assigned course readings. iv) Cognitive ability: memory, intelligence, creativity, information processing, problem solving, decision making, abstract thought, assimilation, and accommodation. v) Language: monolingual, bilingual, polyglot, speech patterns, and speech impairment. vi) Social: loner, socially awkward, friends, volunteerism, and activities. vii) Career Path: (if applicable.) viii) (Socio)Emotional: coping mechanisms (stress, aggression, anxiety, suicide, death and dying, etc.). ix) Abilitism: disabilities and/or health impairments. One Week in the Life Summary Write a summary (1,000 words) describing the details of the observation. Prepare this assignment according to APA Style Guide. An abstract is not required PS - I will do the powerpoint myself source..

One Week in the Life
One Week in the Life
Understanding the life of an individual can be quite interesting. Though the process can be quite tasking, it is quite satisfying in the study of social sciences to understand the factors affecting the development of an individual at a given stage in life. This essay seeks to look at one week in the life of Alice, an 18 years old African American woman, born and raised as a first born in a family of 5: father, mother, son and two daughters. She does not have close ties with the extended family, though she has a close liking for her maternal grandmother. She was born out of wedlock while her mother was still in college. However, her adopted father accepted her as a daughter and there is no distinction between the way he treats her and her other siblings. She comes from a middle-income class. She is currently at the college, taking a course in agricultural resource management. Given that the college is situated about 200 miles from her home place, she stays at a rented flat near the school premises. She also takes an accounting course as part time, where she takes evening classes.
According to the U.S National Library of Medicine (2012), notes that adolescents are quite concerned about their physical appearance. True to this, Alice feels that she has more weight than she desires. She has therefore registered at the college gym, where she attends aerobic classes three times a week, each session lasting 1 hour. She therefore spends three hours in a week at the gym. Her boyfriend is a nutritionist and has developed a dieting plan for her. She therefore follows this meal plan carefully in a bid to keep her weight in check. She has a menu planned for every day of the week.
In terms of development, Alice seems to be close to the ideal as described by various studies on adolescents. Huitt (2008) observes that socio-emotional development can be described based on Erikson`s theory which divides life into stages. These stages tend to correlate with the Maslow`s hierarchy of needs. This hierarchy posits that adolescents develop a sense of self, even when in a multitude of others. Jacobs and Cleveland assert this view by observing that social development is a process through which individuals learn to organize their abilities and energies at a higher level so as to achieve final results. Alice seems to fit well in this group. It is through the various interactions with her peers that this is observed. She spends at least 5 hours daily in the lecture room. Thereafter, she takes about two hours engaging in group discussions before going home. In the groups, she is quite active and this has seen her elevated to the position of group leader on various occasions. As such, she is quite aware of herself. She fears not making her opinions understood and she stands firmly by her decisions. Her relationship with her boyfriend is also smooth. They do spend most of the week...
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