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Nitrogen fixation (Essay Sample)

Book title and author:The World's Greatest Fix: A History of Nitrogen and Agriculture by G.J Leigh. This is a book report and the essay should contain thoughts and feelings about the book. (Little bit of summary in introduction) No additional source needed source..
Nitrogen fixation
Jeffrey Leigh, a professor of science, and author of The World’s Greatest Fix: a History of Nitrogen and Agriculture, cleverly presents to the world an opportunity to review their attention on environmental matters. In his book, he offers a story which informs the populace on the need to understand the circle of nutrition in farming. Despite the narration being a science fiction, it provides an imaginable alternative for humans in future.
The book intimates that the discovery by Fritz Haber through intent search of replacement and fixation of ammonia from its basics into the soil has resulted to considerable steps towards development. This positive achievement has contributed to the realization of modern industries that provide both employment opportunity and nitrogen-fertilizer. Due to the increased applications of nitrogen compounds in agriculture to support farming, man has achieved major steps of discoveries that have colossal demographic, economic and environmental repercussions. Among the repercussions is the proliferation of arms that is bedeviling man today.
One thing I find this work pleasing and worthy all accolades is the manner in which the author strives to achieve his goal. In this cleverly written puzzle, Leigh provides questions regarding the continued manufacturing and application of weapons of mass destruction than developing the core issue of agriculture progression. This is evident in his depiction of commitment to war than agricultural development which is essential. The author informs the public on the benefits of improving agricul...
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