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How Do Microbes Contribute To The Quality Of Human Life? (Essay Sample)


Write a essay that you can give to or show your friends and family to help them understand how microbes contribute to the quality of human life. Write this essay as if your family or friends is the audience for your essay.


Microbes contributing to the quality of Life
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Microbes are tiny in nature though proven to be living organism with ability to reproduce itself; they have been living with human and animal in a symbiotic relationship although change of environment has made the relationship be toxic, when infection in the host arises. The term microbe is a collective term of microorganism, which are bacteria, fungi virus and protozoa. This paper will describe and highlight the contribution of microbes to quality of life. This tiny living organism are famously known to be causative agent of most infection in our body , but there are benefits that come from them living inside human and animal, also them living in our environment. Researchers discovered their role in enzymes production, food chain and dairy industry.
The mutual beneficial partnership between microbes and human or animal host and the benefit range from the microbes metabolizing certain compound that benefit the host in terms of survival and in return they get to be hosted and feed from the host. Bacteria that are hosted by plants find usefulness in the way they breakdown molecules to be absorbed easily by their host and also they protect the host from opportunistic bacteria. In the soil environment microbes have shown to be active in the organic residue breakdown and in return it benefits from the carbon in the soil. Research reported that numerous number of bacteria find habitation in the mouth and intestines of animal and human host. The coexisting of microbes and human or animal host have brought significant benefit like in ruminant animals the microbes produce different enzymes which are beneficial in digestion of the food. In milk producing animals, research has shown that presence of microbes enables t

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