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Lake Erie Open Dumping Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


Complete a 6-10 page research project on an environmental issue facing either Lake Erie or Lake Ontario, as they are identified as the most threatened Great Lakes.
Your project must contain a minimum of 10 references using APA format. The report should be word-processed using 12 point, Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier font, and double-spaced type.
All images and maps used must site the source of the original image. The project may be done in a portfolio (landscape) format.
All projects must be uploaded to UBLearns as a pdf document.
In your project, include the following:
Provide background about the problem.
Discuss environmental concerns about the issue.
Highlight any social and/or economic concerns about the issue.
Highlight any opposing viewpoints about the issue.
Identify environmental education opportunities to involve the public.
Sample topics facing Lake Erie and Lake Ontario include:
Lake Ontario Shoreline erosion
Lake Erie Areas of Concern
Lake Erie Open Lake Dumping
Industrial Pollution
Waterfront Access
Invasive species
Wastewater/Sewer Overflows
Impacts on Climate Change
Water runoff from farms
Coastal development
Urban Sprawl in the Lake Erie/Lake Ontario Basin
Water pollution/water quality
Useful Websites that may assist you in getting started:


Lake Erie Open Dumping
The Ohio lakefront ports have to be dredged every other year to make sure that navigation routes are clear. It is quite important to note that dredging is an expensive process. The US Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for the dredging services along the harbor (Ayre, 2017). However, it does not have the funding too actually clear the entire port as it does not have the funding for the same. Much of the material that is dredged on the floor of the waterway is then dumped in the Lake Erie. This is one of the Great Lakes, which is part of other lakes among them Michigan, Ontario, Huron and Superior. These are largest group of fresh water lakes, with reference to the total area that they cover. They are also the largest by volume relative to the fact that they form more than 21% of the world's water surface. However, there is an issue regarding the impact of the processes associated with open lake dumping (Inland Seas Education Association, 2017). Much of the dredges material that is dumped in the Lake Erie are having a negative impact on the lake, with reference to the species and water quality (Ayre, 2017). The issue of open dumping at the lake dumping has been sharply debated between the Army corps EPA and the Port Authority (Ayre, 2017).
Environmental Concerns
It is important to consider the environmental concerns associated with the element of dumping in the lake. One of the concerns is that, the material dumped in to the lake, is mostly directed towards the middle and onto areas which are considered not to have no impacts on the fish spawning processes (Ohio Environmental Council, 2017). However, there should be consideration on the impact that the material dumped has on the bottom of lake composition. The material that is dumped into the lake tends to smoother the habitat and in some of the areas, it disrupts the sunlight and this directly impacts the life in the lake (Great Lakes Enviro

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