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Japan’s Current Engagement With Space (Essay Sample)


For the minor assignment you will choose a country and write a popular science article about its current engagement with space. You can pick any country except: United States or Russia. The article doesn’t have to be comprehensive but should cover what the country is doing in regards to space technology and/or exploration.
The outcome should be a polished, well researched article about a country and its involvement in space (astronauts, rockets, satellites, being involved in international missions etc…). The format otherwise is relatively open.
The article should be no more 1000 words and reference official sources through hyperlinks to government websites or professional, high quality, websites with reliable information (news and research organizations).
For an example of an effective pop-sci article see:
Who was the Third Country in Space?
Why we need to stop talking about space as a frontier.
The assignment will be graded out of 20 and will be assessed as follows:
- Presentation of accurate information /8
- Appropriate images /5
- Evidence of quality research /5
- Typos and formatting issues avoided /2
The country chooses Japan, thank you.


Japan’s Current Engagement with Space
Japan’s Current Engagement with Space
Japan is currently considered the world’s third-largest economy but this is based on nominal GDP. While looking at purchasing power parity, Japan slips or falls to the fourth position. During the 2007/2008 recession, Japan was not badly hit as other economies such as the US. However, the country did experience recessionary symptoms which sent a warning to the country’s leaders. On the contrary, the country has continued to perform well economically but considering that it is among the top five largest economies, it is a shock that the country has never been credited with a major development in space exploration.
Japan’s space program is under the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency or JAXA which was formed in 2003. However, since its inception, JAXA has managed to spearhead an aggressive space exploration endeavor propelling the country further ahead.
Current Engagements
One major engagement Japan has instigated in 2018 is increased cooperation with ESA or the European Space Agency. The announcement of this partnership and cooperation was made and confirmed “at the International Space Exploration Forum ISEF2 on 3 March in Tokyo, Japan”. As per the article, both parties have had similar visions of exploring the universe especially the moon. “For example, both parties, together with the Canadian Space Agency, are investigating a human lunar demonstrator mission which could pave the way for humans to return to the Moon and return samples from the surface via a Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway.” This partnership does indeed seem poised for greater things.
According to JAXA Press Release on May 11, 2018, there was “successful deployment of first Kenyan Satellite, selected as first KiboCUBE programme of UNOOSA and JAXA”. First of all, Kibo is a Japanese

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