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Hurricane Katrina Essay. Life Sciences Assignment. (Essay Sample)


ITEC 6250 Final Project:
Compare / Contrast the Preparation for and handling of HurricaneKatrina with the selected disasters of your group members your final project submission should address the following:Hurricane Katrina and three events chosen by each group member from Weekly Assignment ECompare and contrast the events using the following categories: elected disasters as an event, duration, statistics, human impact state, and Federal disaster recovery relief efforts disaster recovery plans in place prior to eventoChanges to plans following the event contingency planning and surviving in the aftermath of the disaster response plans for natural disaster-response team composition were the overall recovery efforts successful?
I am choosing the following three events:
1.State and Federal disaster recovery relief efforts.
2.Contingency planning and surviving in the aftermath of the disaster,
3. Response plans for natural disasters.


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Hurricane is an intense storm of a strong wind that leads to massive destruction once it occurs. Hurricane Katrina is one of the tropical cyclones that led to property damage worth billions of dollars and people's death. It happened in the United States, 2005.
State and Federal disaster recovery relief efforts.
Hurricane Katrina challenged the preparedness of the agencies in place, which are mandated to provide relief to people in case of such disastrous events. The government did not prove competent in different levels, such as the local police, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the US Army Corps of engineers.

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