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Humanities: goals and achievements of the Impressionist movement (Essay Sample)

Describe the goals and achievements of the Impressionist movement in painting. How do you account for the enormous popularity of Impressionist art ever since? source..
THE GOALS AND ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE IMPRESSIONIST MOVEMENT IN PAINTING Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (13 June, 2011) The Goals and Achievements of the Impressionist Movement in Painting Impressionism that was art was a movement that originated from France in the early 19th century. Impressionist at this time were considered radical as they broke very many rules during their picture making that were set by their earlier generation (Basquiat, 2009). The reason is that they found many subjects around them rather than in history, that was accepted source of their subject. Expressionist painting to date remains to be the most attractive period in the history of the modern art, and has been enormously appreciated by the public. Through exhibitions, abundant records offer many evidences of the extraordinary resources of impressionist painters (Monet, 2010). These in most cases are engraved in the artisti...
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