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Glass production - Physic (Essay Sample)

You use oil in your car to reduce friction, but your car would not move forward if there were no tire-road friction. So friction has to be reduced to improve energy use, but friction is also necessary! Emissions discard energy, and there are environmental effects as well. Instructions for this activity: Please view this movie of glass production. http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=dw7623hu7wM Discuss the process of producing, finishing, and delivering glass. Discuss where friction is necessary in this process and where it must be eliminated. How are emissions controlled? How are the demands for energy reduced? Consider one or two of these ideas for your initial post. Be sure to cite your sources. Wikipedia, while useful, is not a primary resource, and you should not cite it. source..
Glass Production
There are two basic methods used in producing glass, the glassblowing method that manufactures containers and bottles and the float glass method that manufactures sheet glass. Float glass method also known as Pilkington process is the process where molten glass is floated on a molten metal that is normally thin to produce pieces of glass. This method uses raw materials like sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate, limestone, sand and dolomite. Mixing of the raw materials takes place in a batch then mixed with cullet inside a furnace where heating takes place at about 1500 degrees Celsius. The glass temperature is stabilized when already molten at about 1200 degrees Celsius that aids in specific gravity (Shelby 17-19).
The next stage is where the glass that has been molten is tin bathed. Tin is mostly preferable because of its specific gravity that is high. Tin is then mixed with oxygen to form tin oxide. Hydrogen and nitrogen atmosphere are used to provide positive pressure to the tin bath. Floating ribbon is then formed after glass passes onto the surface of the tin .Temperature is reduce...
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