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Genetic Technology and Genetic Profiling (Essay Sample)

I need a paper written on this topic: Imagine that genetic technology advances to the point where the genetic profile of an individual can be easily obtained, and that we have a full understanding of how genes interact to influence our health. Based on this genetic information alone, how reliably do you think we would be able to predict a person's chance of getting a specific disease? Where do you think this type of genetic profiling would lead with respect to selection of offspring or genetic superiority? Also, please use these as a guideline: Remember to support your views with relevant facts or examples. Show you understand the biology involved. source..
Genetic technology and genetic profiling Name University Date Genetic technology and genetic profiling The use of genetic technology in laboratory techniques and instrumentation to explore the genetics of cells has been rising over the recent past. Specifically, genetics involves the study of chromosomes and analysis of the DNA and RNA. These investigations are performed on human blood, amniotic fluid, bone marrow, and tumors among others. As the new discoveries advance scientific knowledge, the role of genetic technology expands. We can see the impact of future tests that may be developed for diagnosing health problems such as cancer or genetic disorders (Madabhushi, 2008). Advancement through the study of polygenic and other complex human diseases, due in large part to knowledge of the human genome sequence, the generation of the widespread markers of genetic variation and development of new technologies would allow the investigators to associate disease phenotypes with the genetic loci (Zhang & Fang, 2007). Polygenic diseases are...
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