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Genetic Profiling and Genetic Technology Essay (Essay Sample)

There is three discussions Below, they are numbered. When writing this, you are to write views about each discussion (please keep them separate, write a paragraph or 2 for each). Also, Remember to support your views with relevant facts or examples. In these replies you are adding to the discussion. Don't just express an opinion or agree with what the other person said. Show you understand the biology involved. replies need to add to discussion and not just agree with what the other person said. and support your views with relevant information or examples. statements in your replies should be better backed up with some evidence or explanation, and not mainly agree with what the other person said source..

Genetic Technology and Genetic Profiling
Genetic Technology and Genetic Profiling
Discussion 1
Invasive prenatal diagnosis is commonly carried out to assess fetal chromosome. This helps to identify various chromosomal problems. A number of monogenic diseases can be identified though prenatal diagnosis by either biochemical or genetic testing, depending on the specific disease being sought. Currently, multi-factorial and polygenic diseases cannot be perfectly diagnosed by genetic testing, although various malformations can be confirmed by ultrasonography. Prenatal diagnosis is carried out because of reasons such as maternal age (the probability of chromosomal problems increases with maternal age); following an ultrasound results that reveal a possibility of chromosomal abnormality; following an abnormal findings from non-invasive screening; and in case of a chromosomal anomaly an any of the couple`s children (Abramsky & Chapple, 2003).
Prenatal diagnosis has raised a number of essential ethical issues related generally to diagnostic testing and some related to special circumstances of pregnancy. These issues can only be addressed effectively by paying some consideration to the goals of prenatal diagnosis. Prenatal diagnosis rarely leads to treatment beneficial to the fetus, but in most cases, it is beneficial to the pregnant woman, specifically the information provided increases her ability to make sound decisions regarding her reproductive matters. However, this testing can limit the woman`s sense of control over the decision made about her pregnancy. Third parties can also get access to private information regarding the pregnant woman (Fischmann & Hildt, 2011). It is my thinking that the p...
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