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Abuse of Migrant Domestic Workers Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Workers used to be treated badly under slavery, but slavery was abolished and now workers are treated well by their bosses. Agree or disagree using reputable sources to back up your claims.
BTW, Don't only focus on slavery, talk about some unfair working condition and something like that. I will upload one of my essay written by myself, plz try to write like what I did. You can make some grammar mistakes, but make sure the ideas are clear and convincing. Thank you!


Abuse of Migrant Domestic Workers
Abuse of Migrant Domestic Workers
With the days of slavery in the past and no more forced labor, the working relationships between employees and their bosses are now better. Workers have rights to good working conditions, and those rights are not only under the protection of by international laws but also the individual constitution of countries all over the world. However, despite the progress made in recent decades, there are cases of employee abuse, mainly migrant domestic workers. For example, an investigation by the Guardian revealed that the working conditions for foreign maids, cleaners, and other domestic workers in Qatar are slave-like (Rebecca, 2014).
All over the world, millions of women and girls take up domestic work to provide for themselves and their families. Majority of them have very little education, and domestic work is one of the few options available. One issue that raises concern is the systematic way in which governments deny them crucial labor protections enjoyed by other workers and exposing them to mistreatment and violence ((Rebecca, 2014)).

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