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DNA Transcription (Essay Sample)

The transport of glucose into and out of most cells, such as muscle cells and adipocytes, occurs by facilitated diffusion. Once glucose enters a cell, it is rapidly converted to another molecule, such as glucose-6-phosphate or glycogen. What effect does this conversion have on the cell's ability to acquire glucose? Explain. (275 words) Don't forget your references!(2 references) Given the following sequence of nucleotides of a DNA molecule, write the sequence of mRNA that is transcribed from it. What is the nucleotide sequence of the complementary strand of the DNA molecule? How does it differ from the nucleotide sequence of RNA? DNA nucleotide sequence: CGTACGCCGAGACGTCAAC 275 words Don't forget your references! (2 references) source..
DNA Transcription In DNA transcription nucleotide polymers, RNA (ribose nucleic acid) and DNA (deoxyribose nucleic acid) are involved. RNA being a single helix and DNA a double helix, there are some notable differences between the two nucleotide polymers. The nucleotides in DNA include are Guanine (G), Thymine (T), Adenine (A), and Cytosine(C). On the contrary, RNA is composed of C, A and G with T being replaced by Uracil (U). Another major difference between the two is that DNA lacks oxygen molecule, hence its name deoxyribose. ("Transcription and translation," 2002) Using the base pairing rule, predicting the sequence of a complementary strand that can pair with it is quite easy. The complimentary DNA sequence is usually the reverse of the sequence. Now, given the DNA nucleotide sequence CGTACGCCGAGACGTCAAC, the complimentary sequence will be found by reversing the sequence, while adhering to the base-paring rule. Therefore, the result is GTTGACGTCTCGGCGTACG. In the transcription process, RNA runs on the template strand of the DNA. In essence, transcription is the formation of the messenger RNA (mRNA). How does information on DNA get copied to RNA? In the synthesis of RNA, the base pairing-rule is followed. However, there is a little difference from the usual DNA pairing. In transcription, the RNA complement has C paired with G and vice versa, while...
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