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Outcomes likely to be imposed by new viral flu - Discussion 4 (Essay Sample)

Below is a link to the CDC website and an update for this year\'s strains. The article discusses a recent find by epidemiologist regarding a new strain of Influenza virus. Discuss your thoughts on the article and include possible outcomes that this new viral strain might impose on the upcoming flu season. http://www(dot)cdc(dot)gov/flu/swineflu/h3n2v-cases.htm The following link gives general information about the flu and the best ways to prevent it. http://www(dot)cdc(dot)gov/flu/about/season/flu-season-2013-2014.htm source..

Outcomes likely to be imposed by new viral flu
Flu seasons happen in a highly unpredicted pattern. The seasons have variations in terms of severity and also the duration of the season. These influenzas usually caused viruses and are contagious and one can get infected by coming into contact with an infected person. Influenzas circulating in pigs when they affect people are called “variant” viruses. H3N2v is an influenza that is normally found in pigs that has been known to cause influenza in human was first spotted in July 2011. The virus had been detected in pigs a year earlier – 2010 (What You Should Know for the 2013-2014 Influenza Season - CDC. (n.d.).
These viruses change constantly such that we could have new strains of virus in a single year. In the event the virus change, it may lead to more infections and a possible resistance of the vaccines. It could possibly develop another type of virus that is known to the body immune system. The new strain would then continue with new re-infections of the same virus that is now resistance to the vaccine.
For people 6 months of age or older, CDC recommends an annual vaccination as the most basic protection of the virus. The vaccines will protect anyone against the three most common strains that will cause illnesses during these flu seasons. In addition, simple preventive measures such as washing your hands regularly and staying away from ailing people can significantly reduce the spread of these viruses. Human to human transfer of the virus is very minimal. A new strain in the virus could possibly take advantage of this medium to spread amon...
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