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Climate change essay. Solutions to climatic changes. Life Sciences Assignment. (Essay Sample)


"By the time we see that Climate change is really bad, your ability to fix it is extremely limited ..."
Outline 3 solutions of climate change. One of these must come from the list below and two are of your own choosing.
Solar Micro Grids, On-Demand Driverless Vehicles, Regenerative Agriculture, Marine Permaculture, Empowering Women
Evaluate the effectiveness of these solutions
No need references, cover page
No plagiarism


Solutions to climatic changes
Solutions to climatic changes
Global warming is a significant environmental problem in the world. One of the major causes of global warming is personal cars. Personal cars emit harmful gases such as gasoline that deplete the ozone layer, thus, causing climatic changes. Global warming endangers human health, threatens basic needs of humans, and jeopardizes national, security. Some impacts like rising seas, high temperatures, severe flooding and droughts are caused by global warming, which is the cause of climatic change that occurs due to emission of harmful gases. Studies indicate that the use on on-demand vehicles can help reduce climatic changes. 

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