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Embryonic Stem Cell Research (Essay Sample)

There are two issues here. Be sure to address ONE of them: 1. Embryonic stem cells are currently derived from extra human blastocysts that sometimes result from in vitro fertilization techniques. In March 2009, the President of the US removed restrictions on responsible embryonic stem cell research. Why is stem cell research so controversial? Do you support the current U.S. governmental policy on stem cell research? OR 2. An insufficiently developed human embryo was produced by inserting a nucleus from an adult cell into a human egg cell—a potential clone. The purpose was to develop embryonic stem cells. An embryonic stem cell can potentially develop into any of the specialized cell tissues/organs of an adult. Despite its promise, do you think that therapeutic cloning is ethically justifiable? Be sure to address both issues, read at least twenty of your classmates\' responses and respond to at least two of them. source..

Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Life has taken a new direction as technology has made it possible for the scientist to come up with new ideas and proved research which has emerged making it possible to save human life. Growing of embryonic stem cells in the laboratory its booming news to many and others says that people are competing with God, while other support it as it has changed the life of many. This paper seeks to look at what is meant by embryonic stem cell, why its research looks controversial and whether to support the current U.S. governmental policy on stem cell research.
If one has to come up with a simple explanation of what is meat by stem cell research, one can define it as unspecialized cell that can be grown into any specialized cell. It is with the help of stem cell research that scientists and doctors have hand an opportunity to learn how to replace damaged dells, repair missing ...
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