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Calculating: How did you Calculate your Carbon Footprint? What is your Carbon Footprint? (Essay Sample)


In this assignment you will calculate your carbon footprint. Please write a short 2 page paper that you submit online, please make sure it is well written and properly cited.
1) How did you calculate your carbon footprint? Tell me the calculator and website you used. Why did you use this calculator?
2) What is your carbon footprint? Were you surprised? Was it more or less than what you expected?
3) What are some ways you can reduce your own carbon footprint?
4) Did the calculator you used offer any ways to offset your carbon footprint? If so, what were they? How does it work?


My carbon footprint
My carbon footprint
I calculated my carbon footprint using the Cool Climate Network calculator of Berkeley education ( I adopted this program because it is easier to use especially for students. For instance, it has the tabs for the information that is required to get the carbon footprint; in the introduction, I had to fill in my zip code (07304), the calculator has other options for the city, the county or the state. I also had to key in the number of people in my household (3), and the range of the gross annual household income ($ 100,000-199,999). To this level, the calculator indicated that I had a total of 77.4 tons of carbon dioxide per year; the calculator showed that the footprint obtained was similar to other households in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey 07034 with three people and same income. Then I moved to the travel tab and keyed in my information; the value here was 14.4 tons of carbon dioxide per year; the value here was 40.9 percent better than the other households in my area with three people and an annual income that is similar as that of my household. On housing, I had 16.4 tons of carbon dioxide per year with 22.5 percent better than my neighbors. The Total Food yielded 10.1 tons of carbon dioxide per year with 31.4 percent worse, and a total shopping of 21.8 tons of carbon dioxide per year with 9.6 percent better than my neighbors (Cool Climate Network, n.d).
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