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Biology Exercise Paper (Essay Sample)


My main goal for the upcoming is to go back and play squash as a weekly sport. Before coming to college, during high school and middle school. I used to play squash for a famous club in Kuwait. After I turned 18, I started developing back pain so I stopped playing. Then I moved to the US for college and for the past 5 years I haven’t practiced this sport at all. I have lost my athletic stamina and endurance. Also, I started smoking cigarettes daily. This has definitely ruined my health. In order to get back to squash. I started to decrease the amount of cigarettes I smoke everyday and I’m considering joining a gym to start working out and gaining back my physical ability to play the sport I loved to play.

Lab # 1 Blood Pressure
First ReadingSecond ReadingSitting124/79115/80Lying113/50115/60Standing115/70101/61Exercising15091120/80
Using Your Results
How did you score? Are you at all surprised by your blood pressure readings? Address the implications of your results with specific reference to your family history and risk factors. Are you satisfied with your current values? If you're not satisfied, what steps will you take now and/or in the future to improve your values ?
The blood pressure results are within the normal range, even when exercising, but the differences between the first and second reading indicate that the variability changes considerably. Even though, there are few cases of high blood pressure in my family, lifestyle choices influence the onset of high blood pressure. Lifestyle modifications combined with regular exercises will reduce the risk of suffering high blood pressure in future. The rationale for having regular exercises is that the heart gets stronger, and it is able to pump blood less strenuously. On the other hand, if I discontinue the regular exercises, the blood pressure is likely to increase to the previous level. Regular m...
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