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Biology Essay Examination (Essay Sample)

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BIOLOGY ESSAY EXAMINATION Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission Question 1 Since the time frame to study the unfamiliar subject matter is short it will not be entirely possible to establish if an organism is living or not. There are some properties that are exclusive to life that shall not be able to be established immediately and they include reproduction, growth and heredity. When a genetic system is transferred from one being to another through DNA then heredity is said to have occurred. Since the time available is also too short, the level of growth may not be immediately recognized because it may be too low or negligible enough not to establish how far an organism may have grown within the three days provided to study the sample. Take for example the bristlecone pine which only reproduces once every 4,600 years, it is almost entirely impossible to establish its reproductive capability within the first few days of encountering this organism. Al these only pushes focus on the manner in which the cells are organized, the complexity of processes such as metabolism and homeostasis in order to determine whether the samples of the organisms are living or non-living (Kreitzman & Foster, 2011). In order for an organism to be classified as a living organism it must consist of at least one cell, which is a small compartment housed within a membrane or two. Cells of different organisms vary from complex to simple and the metabolism as a process is central to the survival of all these cells in order to reproduce, move, and grow. In order to get energy to carry out all these activities there must be another animal or plant consumed. In plants, this process or generating food and energy is possible through a process called photosynthesis. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) moves this newly captured energy around and within the cell from one place to another. In order to ascertain these I will also need to ch...
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