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Defending The Concept Of The War On Terrorism (Essay Sample)


Students will write a 500 word paper on defending the concept of the “War on Terrorism."


War on Terror
War on Terror
For quite some time the debate on war on terror has been rife and in some of the cases has been the basis for sharply debated disagreements in the social circles and even on the political podiums. Listening to either side argue out their reasons may lead one to be confused about the truths behind the entire campaign (Ali, 2017). While the largely the campaign has been marred with negative publicity, there are some significant elements that one has to consider to understand why it was important and why it remains to be a crucial part of the national strategy along with international policies.
There have been debates that point to ideas such as the United States brought the terrorist attacks onto its people largely due in part to the international policies especially in the Middle East (Zacks Equity Research, 2017). The element of trying to get citizens in the Middle East living under autocratic leaders have a sense of freedom and democracy is one of the leading debates. Ideally, it is suggested that the United States among other nations such as United Kingdom, should have left the countries alone for them to resolve their own issues.
In light of the united states taking a rather separatist approach with reference to terror and dictatorial regimes in the Middle East, this is an aspect that will easily lead to global business crisis. It is important to consider the fact that, for international relations and laws to work, there must be some element of democracy and legitimacy (Ali, 2017). With the autocratic leaders in power, these are inhibitory to legitimate interactions between the member parties at the global platform.
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