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Understanding Terrorism (Essay Sample)


Weeks 7 and 8 explore linkages between the theory of terrorism and practical counterterrorism activities, including predicting the most likely directions terrorism will take in the future. Based on the material covered in Martin’s textbook and the articles available in the Supplementary Reading Packets: 1.Describe what can be done to counter terrorism other than overt military engagements. 2.Explain the challenges of each technique you describe. 3.Provide specific examples of real-world situations for each technique AND for each challenge you identify. Additional Guidelines: 1.Incorporate information from at least four modules across the course. 2.Your paper should include a title page, an abstract, no less than 8 pages of written text (1-inch margins, 12-point font, double-spaced), and a bibliography. 3.The body of your text will include an introduction stating the purpose of your paper, several well-formulated paragraphs of no less than five sentences with appropriate transition sentences between them, and a conclusion bringing your paper to an orderly close. 4.You must use your textbook and at least four articles from the Supplementary Reading Materials of any module in this course that you have not already used as primary sources for your paper. 5.Your entire paper – from the layout to the citations – must conform to APA format.


The paper mainly focuses on terrorism and measures that should be taken to combat terrorism in various countries of the world. It has also mentioned some of the challenges surrounding each measure taken to curb terrorism which according to this paper is a global issue. Some of the terror activities that have occurred in the United States of America such as the 9/11 attack on the American Twin Towers have also been covered in depth. Syria's status on terrorism has been uncovered as well. Through the information provided in this paper, I seek to sensitize the efforts of world leaders and international organizations such as the UN towards the reduction of terrorism gangs and their gruesome activities that are painted all over the world.
Terrorism has debatably been one of the significant issues of our time and era. It regularly makes the headlines, attacking and intimidating governments, ordinary citizens and private business. The Fight against terrorism can be a very cruel fight, one that could cause damage to a country, its citizens and the government as well. It has been one of the most imperative threats to security, stability, and peace in many countries around the world. Counter-terrorism is a technique, tactic or strategy that governments, police departments as well as militaries of a particular country undertake in reaction to any terrorist threats both imputed and real. Terrorist associations have become the tumor of free nations around the world, as their main aim is destruction of the critical organs of freedom and covering the global body with a deadly system. Despite the cruelty, misery and pain portrayed by engaging in counter terrorism, this fight is necessary as the other option would be to surrender (Maras, 2013)
Terrorist groups plan and implement their attacks so as to exploit their effect on the targeted nation. Suicide bombing seems to...
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