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Discussion: Thurgood Marshall and Bayard Rustin (Essay Sample)


Questions to discuss:
What do you think about Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall?
Were you familiar with Bayard Rustin? Have you ever heard of him? What do you think about him?
What did you learn from both important men?
Thurgood Marshall: Crusading Civil Rights Activist | Full Documentary | Biography - ThURGOOD MARSHALL “mR. cIVIL rIGHT”

Part 2: Civil Rights Leader Bayard Rustin's Role in Organizing the March on Washington – Bayard Rustin


Thurgood Marshall and Bayard Rustin
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Part 1
Justice Thurgood Marshall was a great man. He was a selfless man who wanted all races to enjoy equal opportunities. I think Marshal loved other people more than he loved himself. For him to fight for civil rights through his position as a lawyer and a judge shows how dedicated he was ("Justice Thurgood Marshall Profile - Brown v. Board of Education Re-enactment", 2004). Amazingly, a punishment he received from school to read the constitution propelled his quest to seek justice for all. His dedication was exemplary.
I was familiar with Bayard Rustin as I have read his stories in blogs and other digital platforms. Blogs and history sites often highlight Rustin and his civil contribution in fighting for equality like Marshall (Gates, 2013). I think he was an outstanding person in society who defies the concept of selfishness to fight for the good of all people.
Marshall and Rustin set up a good example in the world. Through them, we learn that it is noble to be selfless and fight for the rights of all the people using the influence and resources at our disposal.

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