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Terrorism and Counterterrorism (Essay Sample)

There are two Microsoft Word documents that will be uploaded: Terrorism and Counterterrorism and Midterm & Final Essay. The Terrorism and Counterterrorism document is a copy of the original eBook, so it will not look or read as if it were properly formatted. This will be your primary reference. The 2nd document, Midterm & Final Essay must have, at a minimum, one reference other than the primary textbook. Your submission must follow APA guidelines for style. The paper must include at least ten (10) citations from books, scholarly journals, and government documents and reports other than the primary textbook; i.e., (1) extra reference per question other than the primary textbook reference. Internet web-page citations do not count toward the ten. There are 10 essay questions. Each essay question must have its own page and each with (2) references (primary text, external reference). The essay must be submitted in (1) Microsoft Word document. source..

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(14 October 2010)
Terrorism and Counterterrorism
1a. As described in "Defining Terrorism," what makes terrorism different from other activities like irregular warfare, insurgency, and crime?
Terrorism is defined as the use of force in order to course fear and commotion amongst the people living in a given region. This are were the person imposing this type of violence will create confusion and commotion amongst the people living in a region. This is subjected in order for the individual to achieve political, ideological or religious goal as the vice is directed towards the civilians (Ruby, 2002). With the non governmental institutions being the force behind this offence, in other occasion’s terrorism is defined as the use of unlawful indulgence of war and violence aimed at causing fear amongst the innocent civilians (Bajema, Et al. 2008).
While insurgency is a type of crime were groups of armed people rebel against an existing authority in order to take up and control the government or particular region that has natural resources that are of benefit or interests to the to the rebels in that particular region. While a guerilla warfare is were a group of armed people engage in war with the army of the in attempts aimed at forcing the other team to submit, or assimilate to their way of living it also is the rebels also practice there actions for causing destruction in a given region (Ruby, 2002).
Terrorism is different from the other crimes such as Insurgence, Crime and Warfare. This is because terrorism is classified as a different type of criminal act this is because the individuals who indulged in these actions have a key purpose of causing death, fear and destruction in a particular area. While this other mentioned crimes purpose is for the benefit of the people involved in the action as they want to control liberate or grab the existing recourses for themselves (Ruby, 2002).
2a. In a post-9/11 environment, al Qaeda has been forced to alter its targeting strategy away from spectacular or theatrical attacks because of three factors. What are they?
Al-Qaeda has managed to become one organization associated with the Muslims with an aim of fighting for the rights of the Muslims who happen to be the second largest religious community in the whole world. It is noted that the al-Qaeda is a movement that claims being responsible for 9/11 attacks in America, and with there association with this attacks security and thorough man hunt on the people suspected to be inclined to this organization (Emerson, 2005). This has then forced the organization to change its way of operations and strategies from the normal way they used to operate and carry out their activities (Investigative Project, (2010)). These changes advocate them for the Muslims to join jihad that would help them to...
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