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Technology and Communications (Essay Sample)

Prepare a 900- to 1,100-word paper that explains how technology affects the communication capabilities of specialized databases in the criminal justice system. Include the following in your paper: - A comparison of at least two types of specialized databases, such as the following: o Mobile data terminals o AFIS o Live scan o Facial recognition o Iris scan - Positive effects of new technologies on communication - Negative effects of new technologies on communication - A discussion about which new specialized technologies you might want to use and why Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. source..
Technology and Communications Name Institution The topic of using technology and communication in the criminal justice system is fueling a lot of debate from scholars and practitioners in the criminal justice industry. This owes to the reality that Dror and Mnookin (2010) completed a study on the topic in question. The authors reveal that the use of technology in the criminal justice system is rising rapidly. Why is the use of technology in the criminal justice system rising? Perhaps the increased use of computers to solve problems that were particularly reserved for humans is the main reason for the increased use of technology in the criminal justice system. It is notable that there are different technologies used in the industry under discussion. Ultimate examples used in the criminal justice system are the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and the Iris Scan. This work discusses the positive and negative effects of new technologies on communication by comparing AFIS and the Iris Scan and provides reasons why I would wish to work with the Iris Scan. To begin with, the Iris Scans examine the colored tissue around the pupil and can be performed by regular video camera when an individual is at least two feet away. According to Khaw (2002), everyone has a unique iris because of a “chaotic morphogenesis” that occurs in the seventh moth of growth. The author further reveals that the iris has 266 identifiable characteristics that make everyone’s iris unique. Furthermore, the iris is protected by the aqueous humor, cornea, and the eyelid, which reduces the probability of damage to the iris. The iris is also free from the negative effects of aging because it remains stable in the entire lifetime. It is also notable that the use of contact lenses or glasses (both clear and colored) has minimal hindrance to the iris scan hence, has no effect on the technology. As aforementioned, another technology used in the criminal justice system is t...
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