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Risk Assessment: The Bruce hotel (Essay Sample)


Part Two: visit a hotel and make note of what measures they have taken to ensure the safety of their guests in the public areas (ie NOT in guest rooms). What evidence can you see of the Hotel’s efforts to stop problems/stave off lawsuits BEFORE they happen?
Part Two is: What has this establishment already DONE to make it a safe place (which will avoid potential lawsuits).
NOTE: For both parts of the assignment, you are NOT allowed to visit hotels or restaurants on King St. I’ve given this assignment before and I can’t bear the thought of reading any more about Gabby’s or the King Eddy J
Also: Please remember that this assignment has to do with NEGLIGENCE and LIABILITY. You will probably want to discuss things like handicap (accessible) washrooms… but you shouldn’t. Accessibility is NOT the point of this assignment (we dealt with accessibility in week 2 with Human Rights law – now we’re interested in torts and negligence). But but but… you may consider accessibility from a negligence/liability perspective. For example, a wheelchair ramp like this
would probably be safe and easy to use, but a wheelchair ramp angled like this
would likely be risky and hazardous to the person and to others.
Finally, comfort is nice and lovely, but keep in mind, the focus here is safety, risk and potential liability. If washrooms are small and feel a bit cramped – well, that sucks a bit, I guess, but does it mean the washroom poses a danger? Maybe yes… maybe no…
Make sure use simple words
Hotel and risk must be found in Canada and Canada law
Must use Hotel in Ontario Thank you


Risk Assessment: The Bruce hotel

Located in Stratford Ontario, the Bruce hotel sits on six and a half acres of land. The hotel features 25 decadent rooms and suits, gyms, indoor and outdoor pools, restaurant and bar. Due to its luxurious nature, the hotel attends to a variety of customers as it does not chose who walks into its doors. Consequently, certain risk measures have been put in place to ensure the hotel does not face negligence and safety suits from its own customers.

The hotels most vulnerable public areas are the restaurant and bar since a big number of visitors dine and drink there. However, the hotel has secured those areas with CCTV cameras installed at the cash registers, entry points, and exit points. In addition, both the restaurant and bar have alarms installed in strategic positions. This is essential as it helps security personnel and staff to respond quickly thus averting the

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