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The Rise of Racism in Canada. Law Essay/Assignment (Essay Sample)


The purpose of this assignment is to encourage students to begin thinking about, planning, and carrying out research for their final term paper assignment. For this proposal, students should choose what example of social ‘injustice’ (taking place within our criminal justice system) they will be focusing on for their term paper. The first part of their proposal should entail a detailed description of the nature, extent, impact and/or consequences of the social injustice that they are exploring. Develop a social scientific argument (THESIS). The second part of the assignment is the student’s opportunity to discuss their plans for moving ahead on the assignment, what types of sources they plan to consult (or have consulted already), and what challenges they foresee themselves having to overcome (i.e. lack of research, too much research, language barriers in reading the research, etc.). The paper should be no more than 7 pages double spaced using size 12 Font, Times New Roman.


The Rise of Racism in Canada
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Part 1.
Racism refers to the belief that a given group of people have certain behavioral traits relating to physical outlook and can always base in a situation when one group of people feel that the other(s) is inferior to them. Racism takes place when people discriminate based on such traits as color, skin type, and ethnic origin. A section of the white could believe they are more special than the blacks or the reverse. The act of feeling more special than the other race is what brings the disparity in human life and oppression. Racism has up to date been a major social problem in entire Canada, where different sections of people, especially the blacks, are oppressed and, in many cases, denied justice. However, the rate of racism has been reducing with the latest developments put forth to combat and reduced its level. Increased access to information and more data collection have indicated that racial and ethnic minorities experience a wide range of adverse treatments that appear to be motivated, in part, by perceived race and ethnicity. This article seeks to present instances of racial problems and shows that although reduced, racism is still a menace in Canada.

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