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Recruitment of Police Agencies (Essay Sample)


identify 2 separate police agencies that are currently hiring or recruiting for police officers (or not). One of the agencies should be at the federal level and the other at either the state or local level. For each agency, describe the following items in detail. Be sure to include citations for your responses. Should include:
process for recruiting new police officers
Process for hiring new police officers, including required qualifications
process for training hired officers, including academy curriculum
command structure for both police agencies
responsibilities of each level of the command structure
tell a little about each agency


Recruitment of Police Agencies
Course Title:
Recruitment of Police Agencies
Recruitment of police officers is one of important undertakings of any country as part of improving its internal security. Police officers plays a major role in preventing crime, responding to security emergencies such as 911 calls and 311 non-emergency calls as well as helping to maintain law and order. Therefore, there is a need to have a continuous improvement in police recruitment. This is because police recruitment agencies have the policing profession's value to attract quality people. Proper selection and recruitment of officers is important since they act as agents of service delivery in law enforcement organizations. If the police agencies cannot select, recruit and keep quality officers, the citizens that they are sworn to serve and protect will be served by substandard police service. Therefore, the professionalism and effectiveness depicted by police recruitment agencies is useful for an efficient police force. This paper discusses two categories of law enforcement agencies at the Federal level and local level. The kinds of job in each agency depends on its size, jurisdiction and mission. Therefore, recruits need to consider what agency is appropriate for their interests.
Federal police recruitment agency
Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)
The Federal police officers are obliged to police patrol and response, inspections, criminal investigation and execution, court operations, correction and security and protection (, 2015). One of the police agencies under the Federal level is the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI). Joining as an FBI exceptional officer is a career choice that is challenging, exciting, rewarding and a chance to serve the country. As an FBI Special officer one is responsible for executing more than 300 federal statues and conducting complex national security investigations.
According to the FBI jobs website the qualification requirement for an FBI law enforcement officer are one must be an U.S citizen, 21 years and above prior to appointment, pass the FBI Contextual Investigation, have a legal driver's license, and receive an Upper Secret security approval (, n.d). Specialized work experience qualifies one for GS 8, 7 and 6 grade levels. Candidates with relevant bachelor's degree but lack specialized work experience join FBI at the GS 5 rank level. The FBI agency recruitment process is done into ways which are online application and direct hiring. However, the online application process is not always open or accepting online applications. Therefore, a candidate has to keep checking on official website for current openings. On the other hand, direct hire...
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