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Press Release and Reflection (Essay Sample)

Navigate to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) website (www(dot)fbi(dot)gov). Click on News from the tab located at the top of the page. Click on Press Releases. Review the FBI's top 10 news stories for the past week to see how a press release is written. Write a 500- to 700-word press release about a current criminal justice event or an issue in your state that involves a diverse group and potential language barriers. Include a 350- to 700-word reflection summary that addresses the following questions about the press release: - Who was your diverse group, and what methods did you use to communicate effectively? - Did writing a press release about the event require you to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act? If so, how? - How did you address language barriers, if any? - What were the communication dynamics specific to this event? Format your press release and reflection summary consistent with APA guidelines. source..
Press Release and Reflection Name Course number Instructor’s name Date The Department of Justice Pledges Non-Interference in Washington’s Voter approved Law Upholding Adult Marijuana (Pot/ Weed/ Cannabis) Use  US Department of Justice Washington September 3, 2013 On Thursday 29th August 2013, the department made a declaration that it would not contest Washington’s populace decision to legalize marijuana use for recreational purposes. James Cole the deputy attorney general gave U.S attorneys a memorandum that clearly indicated the shift in the federal government’s war on harmful drugs and substances. The Federal government pledged to direct its resources on priority issues such as curbing access of marijuana to children as well as other drug occurrences such as trafficking through drug cartels, drug related crimes including driving under marijuana influence , using marijuana on property belonging to the federal government and farming marijuana on publicly owned farms (Kates, 2013). Eric Holder the attorney general advised governors in both Washington and Colorado that department would not interfere with state laws that uphold its use for recreation. However, the federal act on substances upholds the illegality of using marijuana. It also gives a directive for federal prosecutors to maintain tight measures in prosecuting marijuana cases. Prosecutors shall strictly prosecute its use in the two states by children, trafficking, use while driving and use or farming on public farms (Perez, 2013). Eric Holder indicated plans by the department to establish new regulations that would marry with states regulations to ensure compliance with the priority areas for the federal government. The deputy attorney general hopes that the states that have legalized marijuana for social purposes through approved voting will establish effective means to regulate its use. This is because the federal government still views the drug as a dangerous substance withou...
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