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Potential ethical challenges. Cyberterrorism – Potential Challenges in the Future (Essay Sample)


Identify one to two potential ethical challenges that security professionals may face as technology advances, applications become more mobile, and computer criminals become more innovative. Speculate on one solution that security professional could take in order to mitigate the challenge(s) in question. Justify your response.
*Among the three definitions of cyber terrorism, give your opinion as to the one definition that is the most accurate with regard to information security and infrastructure protection. Next, describe the impact that cyber crimes and cyber terrorism are likely to have in the future. Provide a rationale for your response.


Cyberterrorism – Potential Challenges in the Future
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Cybercrimes are one of the most common felonies committed all over the world today. With the continuing dominance of social media and digitalization of every aspect of an individual’s life, criminals have also shifted their focus and resources into targeting these systems. Accordingly, due to the innovativeness of criminals in bypassing the different security protocols, security professionals might also be faced with potential ethical challenges such as surveillance and account hijacking.

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