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Patent Application: Detachable Electrical Connector (Essay Sample)


After many weeks of researching, writing, and drafting the necessary components for a patent, you will be submitting your final patent application in the format of a nonprovisional utility patent. Please review the USPTO website if necessary. Combine all of your work into one document in the proper order. Your patent must include:

  • A Title of Invention
  • Cross-References to Related Applications
  • The Background of the Invention (including prior art)
  • A Brief Summary of the Invention
  • A Brief Description of the Several Views of the Drawing
  • A Detailed Description of the Invention
  • Claim or Claims
  • Abstract of the Disclosure
  • Drawings

Feel free to improve upon or append any additional information to your original drafts as necessary. Your patent application should be comparable to other patents you came across in your prior-art research. Please review your prior art and ensure you follow the proper format for each section. You do not need to format your documents to look like a patent (the USPTO formats text and drawings after accepting a patent), but it should be organized for grading. Your patent application will be graded as if it were being reviewed by a patent examiner; you do not want it rejected for violating any rules or legality we have discussed throughout the course.

Throughout the course, you have researched, analyzed, and distilled many resources into a provisional patent application. This is a crucial skill for someone pursuing their PhD. In an additional 700-1000 words, discuss the implications of your patent research to your dissertation research. Be specific in discussing what you learned and its implications to your future work. Did any of your prior art research provide you with direction on your dissertation research or interest? Were you able to solidify a dissertation topic, if you have not done so already? How might you apply these research techniques in the future?

Length: 10-20 pages not including title and reference pages


A Non-Provisional Patent Application
A Title of Invention
Detachable electrical connector
[This invention based on publicly available information]
A Title of Invention
Detachable electrical connector
Cross-References to Related Applications
This invention can be cross referenced to other related pre-existing patent applications. It uniquely comprises of a dual-in-line, detachable electrical connector affixed onto a printed circuit board and detachable socket contacts. It relates to U.S Patent No. 2, 456, 678 that was granted to Smith et al on May 11, 1980 which discloses an electrical connector consisting of a receptacle and fixed contacts. In this invention, the sockets come with components for fixing the receptacle onto the printed circuit. Related applications also suggest diverse ways through which the receptacle contacts that comprise the connector can be affixed onto the circuit board using compliant pin architecture. U.S Patent No. 2, 876,321 awarded to Kristenberg on Dec 12, 1988 depicts a separable connector in which a plurality is inbuilt. It is designed such that its compliant contacts can be press fit into the circuit board. Additionally, U.S Patent No. 3, 456,789 granted to Scott et al, and dated July 7, 1989 discloses an electrical connector whose contacts have mounted pins that fits into holes designed in the printed circuit. Besides, U.S Patent No. 4. 568.900 dates September 22, 1990 describes an electrical connector comprising of a receptacle, but whose contact end points are customized for circuit board communication. Unlike other related applications, the contacts for this connector are soldered into a permanent position. Other Patents with similar design are U.S Patent No. 3, 123, 7889, U.S Patent No. 3,765,800 and U.S Patent No. 4,343,566. Similarly, U.S Patent No.2,455,700 issued to Kimberley et al on February 19, 1984 discloses a receptacle that has inbuilt contacts that are affixed onto the printed circuit board using a soldered extension. U.S Patent No. 3, 250,500 describes an electrical connector whose internal contacts comprise a bent leg purposely for wave soldering onto a conductive surface of the connector's circuit board. Prior Art further proposes a socket contact that has the potential to do both wiping and a contact position. It is evident that the related applications wherein referenced above falls short of describing, proposing or presenting an electrical connector with a dual inline design, and which like others describes herein is capable of wiping and performing diverse contact functions on a detachable, inserted pin. The invention proposed herein differs from other related applications in the use of dual-in-line contact and the use of a detachable gas tight contact interactive circuit board-connector mechanism.
The Background of the Invention (including prior art)
The current invention refers to electrical connectors. Specifically, it proposes an electrical connector comprising of a dual-in-line mechanism and a printed circuit board. It comprises of a unique receptacle that consist of a plurality of female contacts designed in a dual-inline fashion. Similar to other prior art discussed herein, it is also capable of performing wipe and contact, especially for male pin contacts that have been customized to lock with the receptacle. Besides, the connector is designed with contact points adapted for electrical communication through the connector's circuit board. These detachable contact points are fixed onto the printed circuit using soldered pads. The invention is unique in different ways, and has several merits over other existing electrical connectors. One unique component in the connector is the detachable gas tight contact that is placed between the receptacle and the printed circuit. T...

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