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Organizational Management and Operations Paper Law Essay (Essay Sample)


Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you identify, compare, and contrast the policing function at the local, state, and federal organizational levels. Analyze how the organizational, management, administration, and operational functions at these three organizational levels are similar or different and why. Be sure to identify the leadership characteristics and responsibilities pertaining to each organizational level.
Include at least four peer-reviewed references.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines.


Organizational management and operations
In many nations, police personnel and their corresponding functions are organized at the national level. However, in the United States, policing is fragmented into local, state, and federal levels. This fragmentation was established in the early years of the republic when people were afraid of being policed by a federally controlled police force. In recent years, the fragmentation has been justified as a means of ensuring that local problems are solved at the local level by local citizens who act as police officers. Regardless of the reasons for the fragmentation, policing at both the local, state, and federal level plays an important role in maintaining the safety of Americans. This paper examines the responsibilities, management and leadership, and organization and operations of police officers at the federal, state, and local levels.
Regardless of the policing level, all the responsibilities of police officers relate to the premise of maintaining law and order. However, in recent times, movies and films have depicted the responsibility of police officers as that of investigating crimes and shooting or physically fighting with criminals before apprehending them. Of cause, police officers arrest criminals and investigate crimes, however, those two functions represent a very small fraction of the total responsibilities of police officers in the three levels. In a document called “Standards Relating to the Urban Police Function,” the American Bar Association (1973) outlined 11 responsibilities that all police officers must perform regardless of whether it is at the local, state, or federal level. Among these responsibilities include defending the constitutional rights of citizens, enabling the movement of vehicles and individuals, settling disagreements, and identifying criminals, apprehending them, and participating in court proceedings that convict them. While performing the above responsibilities, the power of state and local police officers is usually limited to the state, city or locality where they are sworn. For instance, a police officer who works for the Cleveland Police Department, Ohio, can only perform his/her responsibilities within the limits of the city of Cleveland.

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