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Importance of staying abreast of new and changing laws (Essay Sample)

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Running Head: Importance of staying abreast of new and changing laws
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Law is a set of policies and regulations that generally administer people in any social order and govern their affairs. People need laws to regulate their relations and to make everything run as it should be. They are designed to protect us and our property, and to ensure that every one in the society behaves the way the community expects them to behave.
Law is dynamic and changes according to the needs of the society. Similarly, new laws are made from time to time as the need arise. new terrorism laws could be inspired by increased terror across the world. On these grounds, it becomes fundamental that all the member of the society keeps track on new and changing laws, lest they will be underprivileged.
Needless to say, self awareness on the laws that governs our society is crucial in order to protect our rights and the rights of those who come into conflict with the law. Incidentally, legal knowledge is comparable to hospital where by you get a better treatment if you can afford it similarly, people with different levels of awareness on matters of law will get varying degree of protection.
Very important i...
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