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Mass Fatality Incidents: Medical Resources (Essay Sample)


While some causes are universal, each community has unique risks and probabilities for a mass fatalities incident occurring in their area. Rank, according to risk and probability, the disasters that have the potential to cause a mass fatalities incident in TEXAS explain your reasoning.
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Mass Fatality Incidents
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Mass Fatality Incidents
Mass fatality incidents refer to a situation where more tragic accidents arise than what can be handled by the available local medical resources. Mass facility incidents can be as a result of natural hazards, which include earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods. Hazards related to human, consist of bridge collapses or airline accidents, disposal of chemicals in the environment or terrorist attacks. For an incident to be referred to as a mass fatality, there is no limited number of deaths that should occur since communities vary in resources and size. Through fatality management, organizations such as healthcare, law enforcement, emergency management, and other organizations coordinate together to ensure that they recover, handle, identify, transport, track, store and dispose all human remains dues to the following disasters (Jensen, 2016). They also ensure that survivors and their families have access to behavioral and mental services that enables them to recover from such incidents.
Disasters that have the potential to cause a mass fatalities incident in TEXAS
Terrorism is the illegal use of force against an individual or property, which leads to loss of lives and properties. Terrorism can either be domestic or international terrorism. An individual or a certain group can initiate terrorism attacks (Leahy, 2017). These attacks can be chemical, biological, explosive, or radiography in nature, thus leading to mass fatality incidents. Terrorist groups use different names to refer to themselves and claim to fight for freedom. Texas being a well-developed state, it has adequate weapons, and individ

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